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2008 Steampunk Image, feat Dave Strand, Laura McQuaig, Scott Levy, Bryon Anderson, Elias Lewter, Steve Laskarides

The Strand - 2011 Short Bio:

The Strand is a six piece band based out of Chandler, Arizona whose music ranges from industrial dance, to EBM, and industrial rock.

Over the past ten years The Strand has released 3 full length albums as well as one Remix CD, and has been featured on several independent movies and compilation CDs.  The Strand has been lucky enough to open for many amazing bands including VNV Nation, Covenant, And One, Dismantled, Thrill Kill Kult, Voltaire, and many more, as well as performing on the main stage at many festivals including the SLC Dark Arts Festival two times, Convergance 11, and the Wild Wild West Con in 2011.

The Strand continues to book shows and performs, while working on their fourth full length album, currently untitled.

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Current Members:
Dave Strand - Vocals
Laura McQuaig - Vocals and Keys
Scott Levy - Keyboards
Steve Laskarides - Keyboards
Elias Lewter - Keyboards
Bryon Anderson - Drums

Former Members:
Kimberly Brown - Vocals and Keys
Jeremy Reich - Keyboards
Neal Parker - Drums
Randall Hampton - Sound FX

Special Thanks:

Buck Board - Driver and Bouncer
Nick Phrasavath - Sound Engineer for live gigs sometimes
Ryan Hutman - Collaboration on Underwaste
Seth Ludeman - Keys and Guitars Live 2006
Dean Barbella - Spoken word on Apparent Disaster
Sarah Hudson - Vocals on Deceived

1999 - Digging the Trench (Limited release)
2001 - In The Trench (Full Length)
2004 - RMX01 (Remix CD)
2004 - Diatom (Full Length)
2008 - Destroyers (Full Length)

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Download Song : Chicks Suck 2001
Download Song : Shut Your Face 2004
Download Song : Haunted 2004
Download Song : You Make Me Crazy 2008
Download Song : Six Drink Max 2009
Download Song : No Thanks 2009 (radio edit)
Preview Song : Healthy Mess 2011 (demo)

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